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Anadarko Police Station

Our team provided historic resources support for environmental documentation of Caddo County JP 29574 for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT). 


US-281 in Caddo County, Oklahoma runs through the town of Anadarko, which sees heavy truck traffic. Consequently, the highway needed to be upgraded and widened to add shoulders to increase safety.

The downtown of Anadarko is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) for its early twentieth-century properties that embody American architecture of the time.


Major construction through an NRHP-listed historic district posed a concern for historic preservation. When our historians brought this to the attention of ODOT, the design was able to be modified so that the project did not require the demolition of the town’s police station. Built in 1939, this station is a contributing resource within the historic district.


We provided narrative context of the district and how it historically related to the highway and sidewalks in the area, making sure that construction would not invade or diminish the historic integrity of the district and specifically the Anadarko police station.


Services Provided:

  • Records review/Background and archival research

  • Field survey and resource assessment

  • ODOT Resource Forms

  • ODOT Cultural Resources Report with contextual narrative

Project Highlights


Oklahoma Department of Transportation


Anadarco, Oklahoma




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