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Cefe F. Valenzuela Landfill

Our team has been assisting the City of Corpus Christi with the Cefe Valenzuela Landfill since the site was opened for waste acceptance in 2007. We have been responsible for the preparation of two final landfill cell designs and construction contract documents for the landfill. 


Our team also developed a fast track cell construction phasing plan that was developed to help the City expedite the completion of the Sector 4A and 4B cells for acceptance of municipal solid waste and to minimize earthwork excavation and reduce construction schedule time frame.


During construction, we responded to excessive groundwater encountered and prepared an active dewatering system design in accordance with facility permit requirements. The design consisted of an automated groundwater dewatering system located below the leachate collection sump functioning and active system to mitigate hydrostatic pressure from high groundwater table in the area prior to achieving an adequate refuse ballast depth. We also prepared the electrical services design plan, interconnect, panels, pump design, and performance evaluation.

Services Provided:

  • TCEQ Coordination

  • Landfill Cell Design

  • Groundwater Dewatering System Design

  • Stormwater Detention Ponds​​

  • Electrical Services Design Plan

  • Permit Modifications

  • Construction Cost Estimates

Project Highlights


City of Corpus Christi


Corpus Christi, Texas



130 Acres

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