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Runway 18R-36L is the primary arrival runway for the west side of the airport, receiving roughly 41% of all arrivals. This project involves the rehabilitation of concrete substrate and asphalt overlay.

CP&Y is providing design, bid, and construction phase services that include the following tasks: runway and taxiway concrete repair, asphalt overlay, and replacement of runway centerline, edge, and touchdown zone lighting. CP&Y is also responsible for developing contractor staging area and haul routes, construction sequencing, electrical demolition, and electrical jumpers. CP&Y is developing the Construction Safety Phasing Plan in accordance with FAA AC 150/5370-2G, Operational Safety on Airport During Construction, and facilitated coordination with adjacent projects. ​The project is estimated to be completed in 2021.

Services Provided:

  • Design, Bid and Construction Phase Services

  • ARFF Road Relocation

  • Construction Sequencing

  • Electrical Demolition and Electrical Jumpers

  • Development of Construction Safety Phasing Plan

Project Highlights


DFW International Airport


DFW International Airport, Texas



3,400 LF of ARFF Road Relocation

225,000 SY Runway Rehabilitation

3-Lane Construction AOA-entry Gate

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