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City of Austin Northwest C Pump Station and Elevated Storage Tank

CP&Y provided engineering services for a new composite elevated storage tank and pump station for the City of Austin’s Northwest C (NWC) pressure zone. The Northwest C Project included a pump station and tank, complex hydraulic modeling, and coordination with TCEQ for approval. The project is located in the City of Cedar Park and in the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and consisted of the design and development of construction documents for the proposed NWC Pump Station (PS) and Elevated Storage Tank (EST) with an ultimate firm pumping capacity of 16.0 million gallons per day (MGD) and design storage capacity of 1.5 million gallons (MG), respectively. In addition, the existing electrical, SCADA, and security systems associated with the Northwest B (Anderson Mill) Elevated Storage Tank and site were incorporated into the NWC PS and EST design.


The pump station consists of three horizontal split-case side suction, side discharge centrifugal pumps, located in the structure. The three pumps provide a firm pumping capacity of 11.0 MGD with two pumps in service. The pump station was built to house larger pumps when the ultimate firm pumping capacity of 16.0 MGD is required. Electrical and SCADA equipment are provided within the structure. A loading area was provided for loading and unloading of the pump station equipment. Multiple pump station layouts, tank pedestal diameters, and HVAC options were evaluated. Due to City of Austin requirements for ESTs with a height greater than 150 feet, CP&Y added a specialty personnel elevator to the project scope. Improvements to the site include water quality treatment/detention, drainage, and mechanically restrained piping.


CP&Y provided an innovative approach by coordinating operational needs for ease of use, maintenance, safety, durability, and cost effectiveness was critical. CP&Y visited over eight existing facilities with City of Austin staff for O&M input to enhance the NWC design.

Services included:

  • Hydraulic and surge analysis

  • Pump selection

  • Flow meter evaluation

  • Electrical service evaluation

  • Electrical studies

  • LEED Principles

  • Improvements to existing system

  • PLC Programming

Project Highlights


City of Austin



Central Texas




16.0 MGD Pump Station

1.5 MGD Storage in the EST

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