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DART Lake Highlands Station

Lake Highlands Station is located on DART’s Blue Line and is the first deferred (Infill) station to be built on an active track on the DART system. Provisions were made for the station during the original construction of the line section; however, the location of the station was shifted from its planned location to a new location to accommodate adjacent development.

This relocation of the station required realignment and reprofiling of the existing trackway to provide a tangent track for the station. Our team was responsible for the track realignment as well as the station civil and structural design, the park & ride lot and construction management. Safety and limited impacts on light rail operations were major considerations in the design of the station. The station platforms designed by our team are cantilevered precast panels that set on precast beams on drilled shafts. The drilled shafts are set back from the trackway which allowed them to be completed and the precast beams set without any disruptions to the light rail operations. The precast panels were set at night when the light is not in operation, which limited the impacts on DART’s light operations.

Services Provided:

  • Civil Design

  • Structural Design

  • Parking Lot Design

  • Construction Management

Project Highlights


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)


Dallas, Texas



1 Infill Station

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