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Our Electrical/SCADA Group provides the full spectrum of engineering design services for both Electrical Power Distribution and Controls (ED&C), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Instrumentation and Controls (I&C).

Our expertise includes control systems, information technology, cyber security, electrical, construction management, architectural, and HVAC. We have extensive experience in providing these services to a variety of markets such as environmental, transportation, transit, aviation, municipal, private Industry, oil and gas exploration & production, and semiconductor manufacturing.

We are a leader in the highly specialized fields of SCADA, field instrumentation, controls, application programming, communication systems, and automation system design. Applications include water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, utility distribution networks, operations centers, and building automation systems. In addition to designing and specifying these systems, our engineers also have experience in managing construction phase services related to installation, start-up, testing configuration, and maintenance of the systems.

We have designed power distribution systems from low voltage (600 V and below) to distribution voltages (up to 25 kV). We have also designed ED&C for facilities with combined electric loads up to 12 MVA and individual motor installations up to 5500 HP.

Service Highlights

  • Systems Analysis & Planning

  • Arc Flash Evaluation

  • Motor Start Modeling

  • Electrical Power Distribution

  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

  • Instrumentation

  • Security and Alert Notification Systems

  • Process Controls


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