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Hornsby Bend BMP Thickener Complex Rehabilitation

Our team evaluated proposed improvements to the Hornsby Bend BMP Thickener Complex, including replacement and/or rehabilitation of the building electrical wiring, conduit, and Motor Control Centers (MCCs). The improvements include relocating the electrical gear outside of the process area in a more environmentally controlled location. The existing gravity belt thickeners (GBTs) expose the sludge to the atmosphere and the
sludge thickening process produces high levels of hydrogen sulfide. The existing conduit, wiring and MCCs have corroded due to high levels of corrosive gases. We also evaluated replacing the GBTs with the installation of up to three centrifuges. The evaluation also addressed modifications needed to install two additional centrifuges in the future.


The Preliminary Engineering Report included:

  • Evaluation of the existing Electrical Room including existing and proposed electrical ​equipment and load analysis

  • Proposed routing of conduits and wiring from the MCCs to the GBTs

  • Evaluation of Utility feeders including the need to add a redundant feeder

  • A cursory review of the plant system control graphics and SCADA system for possible improvements

  • Evaluation of the installation of two to three 450 gallons per minute (gpm) centrifuges

  • Evaluation of HVAC modifications related to the proposed improvements and evaluation of existing and proposed ancillary equipment associated with GBTs and centrifuges

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCAA)

The project team collaborated to determine a thickening solution that would reduce wash water and polymer costs while potentially reducing the scope and cost of other plant needs associated with side stream treatment and lagoon improvements.


Services Provided:

  • Preliminary Engineering

  • Instrumentation and Control Design for Existing SCADA

Project Highlights


City of Austin


Austin, Texas

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