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Hunter Ferrell Landfill

Our team was responsible for the planning and design for the Phase I and Phase II expansion of the Hunter Ferrell Landfill, located in Irving, Texas. The design included a grading plan and development of various erosion control methods necessary to maintain relatively steep embankment slopes for daily cover stockpiles and final clay cover stockpiles. These erosion control measures included drainage swales and discharge flumes. Concrete rip rap, grass sodding, and seeding were also employed to hold the soils in place.

In addition, an irrigation system was designed using local groundwater, to aid in establishing and maintaining the sodded and seeded grass slopes. This system included the development of two wells, a permanent distribution piping system and a portable irrigation piping system with sprinklers. We provided professional services in the fields of permitting, engineering, and public relations associated with the Hunter Ferrell Landfill.

Construction plans and specifications were prepared for the completion of levee and groundwater cutoff slurry walls, and construction administration services were provided. A representative was present on-site at all times during critical construction periods to ensure conformance with the contract documents. The City sought involvement from the public, living within the vicinity of the landfill, to ensure that the landfill’s neighbors were included in any important decision-making involving their landfill. We assisted the City in conducting public meetings and prepared both a physical table-top model and computer-generated 3D fly-through model of the landfill site, illustrating future final fill configurations.

Services Provided:

  • Planning and Design

  • Erosion Control

  • 3D Fly-through Model​​

  • Public Involvement

  • Permitting

  • Irrigation System Design

Project Highlights


City of Irving


Irving, Texas



130 Acres

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