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John Kilpatrick Turnpike Mustang Creek Tributary 2

Our team provided schematic design development of hydrology and hydraulic structures for new location roadway in Canadian County, Oklahoma. One cross culvert at an unnamed tributary and two bridge crossing the main stem and tributary of Mustang Creek were designed for the project with both bridges located in FEMA zone AE. The culvert design required a channel relocation due to the proposed roadway alignment.


We designed channel geometry between the culvert and an upstream structure and provided preliminary recommendations of channel erosion control measures. The bridge crossing at the Mustang Creek tributary required channel grading from ROW to ROW. Channel shelves were designed at the bridge crossings to accommodate required bridge geometry. Grading concepts were also developed to analyze the expansion of the creek through the bridges and to illustrate slope transitions.

Services Provided:

  • Drainage Improvements

  • Channel Design and Stabilization

  • Erosion Control and Scour Analysis

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology

  • Analysis and Modeling

Project Highlights


Oklahoma Turnpike Authority


Canadian County, Oklahoma



26 Square Miles

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