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John Kilpatrick Turnpike 8-Mile Widening

We led the design effort culminating in final PS&E documents for the widening of eight miles of the John Kilpatrick Turnpike between MacArthur Boulevard and Eastern Avenue in Oklahoma City. As the prime consultant, we developed the PS&E package for the roadway, drainage, toll gantry modifications, screen walls, bridge widenings, and bridge rehabilitation. 


We generated details for five of the eight bridge widenings which included conventional and integral prestressed concrete beam bridges. In addition, due to vertical clearance constraints, one median pier for an existing flyover ramp was reconstructed on a new bearing. The two existing multi-span steel plate girder units supported by the existing pier were converted into one continuous unit. 


Due to the unique nature of this conversion, we coordinated with local contractors during the design and subsequently provided the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) with technical memorandums to alleviate concerns. The construction contract was awarded for $54.8M, a savings of over $8M from the initial project budget.

Services Provided:

  • PS&E

  • Roadway/Drainage/Bridge Design

  • Toll Gantry Modifications

  • Bridge Rehabilitation

  • Illumination

  • Signage

  • Construction Phase Services

Project Highlights


Oklahoma Turnpike Authority


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



8 Miles

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