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Join us in welcoming Tyler Stone to our Colorado team!

Welcome Tyler Stone, PE, DBIA, Construction Engineering and Inspection Project Manager, Colorado Springs, CO with photo of Tyler

Meet Tyler Stone, the newest Project Manager and Associate Vice President in the Colorado Springs office! Tyler's area of expertise is in Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) for transportation projects. He is a key hire for our Colorado team as we continue to expand our services in the Great Plains region.Tyler is currently working on the Central70 Project for the Colorado Department of Transportation.

Learn more about his experience, skills, and interests with the Q&A below!


Q: What got you started in the A/E/C industry?

A: I always liked construction, and after a summer internship with Illinois DOT I realized it was the right choice for a career. I spent each summer after that in college interning with different companies in different areas to determine which I enjoyed the most.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as possible, taking the dog for a walk, going on weekend trips, spending time with my wonderful wife. I recently had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game.

Q: What drives you everyday?

A: I love the job, dealing with people, fixing problems, finding a way to make everyone happy and determine the best outcome no matter how difficult or bad it appears at first. I also am passionate about helping our younger employees take advantage of opportunities to grow, especially when they are hesitant because they may not know all of the details, or are unsure of the best choice when an opportunity is offered.

Q: How long have you lived in Denver, Colorado?

A: I’ve lived in the Denver area since March 2018. Prior to that I spent time in Texas and Florida. I grew up in Trenton, Illinois, about 30 miles east of St. Louis, Missouri.


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