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CP&Y is Resilient!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

CP&Y provides essential critical infrastructure with services involving a wide variety of disciplines, so we are proud to be adapting our methods for each practice and service to address the challenges of COVID-19. As always, CP&Y is fully committed to our clients and business operations as well as the health and safety of our employee-owners.

Continue reading below to see just a few examples of how CP&Y continues to be Partners for a Better Quality of Life:

Field Equipment Depot

Survey Technician, Troy Day, is volunteering his garage as a temporary home base for Waco field crews to quickly and easily pick up and drop off equipment. This change minimizes the need for crowds and allows crews to practice social distancing.

In a garage, a table is piled high with yellow boxes that contain field equipment.

Essential at Night

Because providing critical infrastructure sometimes means working into the night to stay on schedule, CP&Y’s Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) team continues a slab pour for SH 130 near Austin. Keeping projects on schedule will be invaluable for communities once the COVID-19 response subsides.

A backlit night shot. Construction workers in yellow vests and hard hats rake wet cement across a rebar grid.

Critical Work Continues

CP&Y continues the underdrain excavation for Retaining Wall 84 on the Borgfeld Drive side of US 281 near San Antonio. Completing necessary infrastructure projects improves everyone’s safety! Transportation, water, and wastewater infrastructure provides lifesaving emergency and sanitation services to the public.

A large backhoe digs at the base of a retaining wall several stories tall as a couple construction workers in yellow vests look on.

Home on the Road

Aaron McCurlie, CEI Inspector, is “home on the road” in Palo Pinto County to keep projects moving – literally! Aaron's essential work is mobile, which allows him and other CEI professionals to practice social distancing while continuing to provide invaluable quality control for projects under construction.

Picture taken from perspective of driver in a truck looking at an open laptop sitting on the truck console.

Building Up Infrastructure

Construction is still ongoing for the straddle bent bridges of the IH 35/US 183 Direct Interchange in the Austin area. CP&Y is always working to keep critical infrastructure on schedule!

Picture from beneath support structures for straddle bent bridges at various stages of construction.

Staying Home

Those of us not in the field are doing our part by working from home when possible. CP&Y is providing an unprecedented number of remote workstations to employee-owners capable of working from home. Our Partners' safety comes first! (Thanks to Victoria Oborny, Transportation EIT, for providing a picture of her cute assistant, Slaytor.)

A dark brown Labrador retriever sits in a chair at a makeshift work space at a dinning room table. Dog looks eager to help.

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