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Congratulations to David Stanley, PE – CP&Y’s New East Texas Water Group Leader!

The new face of CP&Y’s East Texas Water Group is not a new face at all. David Stanley, PE has been actively engaged with CP&Y projects and clients in East Texas for the past three years. As a resident of Kilgore himself, David is deeply aware of the region’s needs, specifically for improvements to water resources infrastructure for this rapidly growing region.

“I am immensely excited for this opportunity to continue to serve our clients, CP&Y, and our East Texas Group as the new Group Leader,” said David.

CP&Y’s Director of Water and Senior Vice President, John Minahan, PE, is also excited for David’s new role.

“David has been a key player in the success the East Texas Group enjoys today and is very qualified to take on these new responsibilities,” began John. “David’s strengths in project management, personnel management, and client relationships will serve him well in growing the Group and meeting our clients’ needs.”

The new East Texas Water Group Leader is taking over for Terry Winn, PE, Vice President. Having been active in the industry longer than CP&Y, Terry is ready to “slow down [his] professional activities and enjoy the fruits of 47 years of consulting engineering practice.”

“It has been a great pleasure to not only be a part of the amazing advancement of CP&Y, but to participate in the rapid growth of David’s leadership abilities and understanding of the profession,” said Terry. “I am very proud of David, and look forward to continuing to serve by his side to the benefit of our clients and CP&Y.”

Including his time at CP&Y, David has worked closely with Terry for the past seven years.

“I cannot thank Terry Winn enough for his perpetual support in my personal and professional development,” said David. “I am grateful that he will continue to be an integral member of our team.”

Although Terry is taking a step back, his ongoing projects and current clients will continue to be a priority. Terry will be working alongside David, supporting his efforts and seeing major, ongoing projects through to completion. CP&Y is committed to continuing these client relationships, many of which have become more akin to friendships for Terry.

“I am blessed in that this transition will allow me to maintain the relationships with our clients that are so important to me,” said Terry, “and assure that their needs continue to be well satisfied by CP&Y.”

“I am pleased,” said John, “that Terry Winn will stay on serving in a Senior Project Manager role and will continue to serve and work on our clients’ projects.”

As for David, he is primed for continued success in East Texas with strong support from CP&Y leadership.

“I want to thank CP&Y for their belief and support of me in this new role,” said David, “and I look forward to partnering with you all for a successful future.”

David’s Background

David has seven years of experience that spans the entire project lifecycle, from idea to execution, for the design and construction oversite of multiple facility types, such as roadways, utilities, wastewater treatment plants, spillways and dams, and well sites. His project experience includes new construction, rehabilitation and improvements, inspections, hydraulic analyses, and environmental permitting for municipalities and utility districts, as well as industrial clients and private developers.

David is an active member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the Water Environmental Federation (WEF). He also serves various nonprofit and volunteer organizations in Longview and his hometown of Kilgore, Texas.


Connect with David!

To learn more or just send your congratulations, reach out to David Stanley, PE by phone at 903.553.0502 or by email at

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