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CP&Y Celebrates International Women's Day

Today marks the 110th International Women’s Day, giving us an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our Women Partners across the company. While International Women’s Day is only once a year, CP&Y has a dedicated group to support the development of women across our company throughout the year. The Women's Leadership Council (WLC) is also focused on company initiatives that will benefit all of our Employee Owners.

What is CP&Y’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC)?

Our WLC is a group of women with varied backgrounds at CP&Y. Together, the Council meets monthly to develop initiatives and focus areas to further our vision and mission, below:

WLC Vision –

Promote the leadership and development of women at CP&Y and in our communities.

WLC Mission –

  1. Inspire Women to take charge of their lives and careers.

  2. Foster a culture where Women Partners are empowered to excel.

  3. Facilitate personal and professional growth.

  4. Strive for the greater good and improvement of CP&Y.

  5. Encourage Women to be active in their communities to help them thrive.

The group also serves as a strategic think tank to provide recommendations to Leadership on policy issues, training & development, and other initiatives. Some of our women Partners also joined together to help develop our Partners for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, while other WLC members also serve on our Young Professional Leadership Council.

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today, we invited our Women Partners to attend a workshop to celebrate the day and their accomplishments, as well as breakout sessions, to provide practical tools and methods of addressing personal challenges, head-on.


Our Women Partners have achieved many things over the past year, here are some of their professional highlights:

  • Mentoring – such as helping grow a technical group’s capability & work capacity, officially joining our Mentoring Program or sharing knowledge of business development strategies with other Employee Owners

  • Certifications, Licensure & continuing education – such as the PE exam, PMP, TxDOT pre-certifications, or completing graduate school classes

  • New roles and responsibilities – such as getting a promotion, doing increasingly complex tasks, or becoming more involved in initiatives across the company

  • Leading projects/programs – successfully managing client projects, standardization processes, leading company-wide initiatives, or implementing programs

  • Learning & developing new skills – such as traffic controls plans, Open Roads modeling, or completing a variety of courses in our online Training & Development platform, Pinnacle

We would also like to recognize a few that are making a difference in our communities and across the industry. Recently appointed to various new industry leadership positions:

  • Jolie Snyder Secretary of the ASCE Southern Colorado Branch

  • Amy EsguerraTreasurer of the Women’s Transportation Seminar San Antonio Region

  • Donna Renner Director of the North Central Texas Branch of the APWA

  • Tori Raines Membership Chair of the Women’s Transportation Seminar Oklahoma Chapter; VP of Preservation Oklahoma; Mayor-appointed Commissioner of the Nichols Hills Building Commission

Congratulations to all our Women Partners for their accomplishments. We are proud to have you be a part of our CP&Y family!

During our workshop today, our Women Partners participated in an exercise to identify a challenge they are facing and how they plan to overcome it. WLC also posed a challenge to the group to reach out and connect with other women to build their network and support each other in their growth over the next year. We encourage you to do the same. How will you #ChooseToChallenge yourself?


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