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Jack Shick Joins CP&Y as Traffic Engineering Group Manager

Image of a headshot of Jack Shick, smiling. Text reads, "Meet Jack Shick, PE, PTOE, Traffic Engineering Group Manager; Houston, Texas"

CP&Y welcomes Jack Shick, PE, PTOE, as Traffic Engineering Group Manager to our Transportation Practice in Houston. Jack brings over 21 years of experience in traffic and transportation engineering.

Jack’s extensive experience in both traffic engineering studies and traffic design will position him well to lead CP&Y’s traffic capabilities. He has served a wide range of clients, including municipalities, counties, state transportation departments, toll authorities, and private development clients. In particular, he brings a fresh perspective to alternative intersection design to help solve problems where traditional improvements may not be the most feasible or cost effective. His expertise in both design and traffic studies complement each other to help clients solve complex traffic problems and generate smart solutions.

Jack’s specialties include:

  • Corridor Planning & Alternative Analysis

  • Traffic Safety Studies

  • Traffic Speed Studies

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Tolling Infrastructure Design

  • Traffic Signal Design

  • Traffic Signal Timing

  • Traffic Control Plans

  • Signing & Pavement Markings

  • Illumination

  • Alternative Intersection Design

  • Interstate Access Justification Reports (IAJR)

  • Traffic Impact Analysis Studies (TIAs)

Jack graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Longwood College.

Please connect with Jack if you need assistance with any upcoming projects.


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