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Mark Beshear Earns RPLS License: The Importance of Career Growth

Within the surveying industry, one of the highest achievements is to become a licensed surveyor. Each state’s licensing board has its own requirements, but all states generally require specific educational and professional experience and that aspiring surveyors pass a state exam.

Mark Beshear, RPLS is the most recent Employee Owner at CP&Y to pass the Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) exam provided by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (TBPELS).

But this achievement didn’t happen overnight.

Mark has been in the surveying industry for over 20 years. In 2017, Mark became a Surveyor-In-Training (SIT) after passing the corresponding state exam. In 2019, Mark earned his Bachelor of Science in Legal Support and Services from the Purdue University Global.

With decades of experience and a bachelor’s degree under his belt, Mark was ready to take the next steps toward becoming a licensed surveyor.

Why is RPLS licensure important?

Taking and passing the RPLS exam means that the surveying industry officially recognizes a person’s expert knowledge and years of hard work. Naturally, with that acknowledgement, comes more opportunities and, eventually, greater responsibilities.

“It will impact my career path,” said Mark. “It will open doors that will help me continue to climb the ladder. I am proud that I have worked my way up to where I am now, but there are a few more steps I would like to take.”

Mark is excited to be taking steps in the right direction for his career by becoming licensed.

How does CP&Y help?

When Mark first joined CP&Y in the spring of 2019, he served as a Senior Survey Technician to help CP&Y’s Survey Group provide services for the Lake Ralph Hall project. CP&Y provided program surveyor services to Upper Trinity Regional Water District (UTRWD) in anticipation of the construction of the District’s new dam. Mark assisted with completing 350 parcel boundary surveys in compliance with the Texas Society of Professional Surveyors (TSPS) Category 1A, Condition IV specifications showing all visible improvements and utilities.

About this hands-on experience, Mark said: “It provided me the chance to calculate boundaries, which was a crucial learning experience to help me prepare for the exam.”

Another important aspect of preparing for any exam is mentorship. CP&Y offers both formal and informal mentoring opportunities to help guide Employee Owners and facilitate growth in their careers. Mark felt supported in his quest for the RPLS, thanks in large part to some great mentors at CP&Y.

“John Melton was my main influential mentor,” began Mark, “but Stephen Dial and Sean Flaherty gave me important information to keep in mind when taking the exam. I don’t think I would have passed without that information. It stuck in my mind during the test and kept me on the right path to pass.”

CP&Y provided applicable experience, the chance to learn on the job, and a team of knowledgeable teachers to help prepare Mark for this important career milestone.

Connect with Mark!

Currently serving as Assistance Survey Project Manager, Mark may be reached by email at or by phone at 972.265.4602. You can also connect with Mark through LinkedIn by clicking on the icon below.

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