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Why Choose CP&Y's SUE Services?

1. We take safety and prevention seriously.

Design conflicts, construction accidents, and site contamination resulting from damage to unexpected underground utilities will require recovery tasks that drastically affect the project schedule and budget. SUE services can prevent design headaches, help maintain project schedule, avoid costly impacts to project budget, and provide safer construction environments.

By performing all SUE Quality Levels of work in accordance with proven, industry procedures, such the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 38-02 standards, CP&Y’s SUE team mitigates risk for our field technicians and our clients. 


Our crews always operate in teams of two or more for safer field operations. We continually put safety first. We emphasize a focus on training, growing, and valuing our SUE team.

2. We are a full-service, one-stop-shop.

CP&Y is a full-service architectural, engineering, and construction firm. Our SUE experts are backed by over 400 additional employee-owner resources to assist with a variety of project needs, such as design and survey should the need for these services arise.

Our in-house SUE professionals have experience with a variety of project types, including airports, commercial developments, gas and electric utilities, treatment plants, transportation, drainage, schools, and water/wastewater projects. We’re ready for anything!

With three Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) SUE Pre-certified Professional Engineers on staff within our SUE group, CP&Y's SUE experts can handle a wide range of SUE project needs.

3. We provide tailored services that fit YOUR project needs.

We recognize that different projects require different SUE approaches, so we’ll work with you to provide SUE Quality Levels of service in specific ways that make the most sense for your individual project needs, especially when it comes to schedule and budget.

Additionally, CP&Y’s willingness to create joint ventures with certified SB 8(a) partners for SUE services offers our clients with the opportunity to meet small business requirements when appropriate. 

4. Our deliverables provide a basis for accurate design decisions.

We use the latest in geophysical locating equipment to identify underground facilities and structures, even including private, abandoned, and undocumented utilities. Using reliable and accurate subsurface data will result in confident design decisions regarding underground utilities.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, all of our SUE vehicles are maintained regularly by an on-call specialized mechanic, so we are ready to serve your project needs when you need us.

Standardized training and procedures allow our team to be flexible across project locations and between Project Managers, which results in consistently accurate deliverables for all projects and clients.

For more information about CP&Y’s SUE services, visit our service page or email SUE Director Ronald Lindsay at Or download our SUE brochure with additional information on CP&Y SUE services.



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We have a national presence to serve you in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia.

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