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Vista Ridge Supply Program


This project consists of a well field, several miles of well collection line, over 100 miles of large diameter treated water transmission main, multiple pump stations, water treatment facilities, and customer delivery station.


Electrical engineering services included conceptual design, equipment selection, interconnection diagrams and plan documents, quality control of final deliverables, and electrical calculations. Our services also included over 100 miles of long-distance fiber optic network design, wireless network, instrumentation and control (including system PLC and HMI configuration and programming), SCADA, and security system design.

  • High Service Pump Station with 4-2000 HP, medium voltage pumps, 3 VFDs, and 1 RVAT, along with SCADA, security system, and communications equipment.

  • 5 utility transformers that feed 1600HP medium and low voltage pumps, VFDs, and RVAT, SCADA, etc. at IPS1.

  • 5 utility transformers that feed 2500 HP medium voltage pumps, VFDs, RVAT, SCADA, lighting, etc. at IPS2

  • Electrical design for 9 well sites, each with 2 medium voltage pumps, MCC, low voltage transformer and switchgear. Also includes security system, lighting, communication, and fiber optics.

Services Provided:

  • Electrical/SCADA

  • Instrumentation and Controls

Project Highlights


Central Texas Regional Water

Supply Corporation


Central Texas



Electrical Power to Five Sites (Over 100+ Mile Transmission Main

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