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Vista Ridge Supply Program

This project was a water supply system which consisted of a well field, several miles of well collection line, large diameter treated water transmission main, multiple pump stations, water treatment facilities, and customer delivery station. In addition to engineering design services, we provided survey and SUE on this project. The project included over 85 miles of easement corridor requiring boundary survey and easement document preparation of over 225 parcels. We excavated 66 Level A test holes at 21 critical points of contact. We delivered test hole data sheets along with an AutoCAD file to the client. Document preparation included permanent waterline easements, temporary construction easements, well field sanitary control easements, and electrical service easements.

In addition to the various easements, documents for fee simple parcel acquisition were prepared for multiple facility and well sites. Due to the volume of property owners, this project included a robust property access protocol and documentation process. In addition, the right of entry requirements and schedules varied across the project, which required flexibility in staffing to access properties efficiently while complying with the right-of-entry restrictions. Close coordination was required with the team to handle rights-of-entry and manage landowner issues. Working with our team partner, these surveying services were performed on an accelerated timeline with quick response times from our crews across Texas.

Services Provided:

  • Boundary Survey

  • Land Acquisition

  • Right-of-Way

  • Document Preparation

Project Highlights


Central Texas Regional Water

Supply Corporation


Central Texas



85 Miles

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