FM 16 



CP&Y provided environmental services for this proposed project that would consist of widening the roadway
and straightening out curves in order to accommodate future traffic demands and improve safety along the 4.4 mile corridor.

CP&Y prepared final versions of the Hazardous Materials ISA, Water Technical Report, and the Biological Evaluation and Tier I Form. This consisted of updating necessary information such as vegetation impacts, acreage updates, and reevaluation of right-of-way due to design changes made after the reports were already prepared. CP&Y prepared all sections of the Environmental Assessment including the purpose and need, affected environment utilizing the various technical reports and forms, indirect and cumulative impacts, permits and approvals, commitments, and with input from the design engineer, the alternatives analysis.

Services Provided:

  • Environmental Assessment

Project Highlights


Texas Department of Transportation


Smith County, Texas


4.4 Miles


Project Highlights


Johnson County SUD


Cleburne, Texas



13,300 SF

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