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Fort Worth Alliance General Engineering Consultant

Our team provided multi-discipline planning, engineering, and construction phase services for the AFW. Funded by the FAA and TxDOT, the projects were designed in accordance with FAA and TxDOT standards. Our project experience at AFW includes:

Wildlife Hazard Assessment: Fieldwork and data collection to quantify potential wildlife hazards to the AFW’s operations and recommend actions for reducing these hazards going forward.

RTR Duct Bank & Taxiway H Repairs: Engineering design and construction support services for the construction of 6,000 LF concrete-encased communications and electrical duct bank, including 26 manholes, to serve the FAA’s new remote transmitter/receiver antenna array. The project also included concrete pavement replacement on Taxiway H.

Taxiway A Centerline Light Improvement: Engineering design and construction support services for the replacement of all Taxiway A centerline lights and cabling with new LED lights and cables.

High Mast Light Assessment: Preparation of a report summarizing the impact of replacing the ramp high mast lights with LED fixtures including existing and proposed light levels throughout the ramp and life-cycle cost analysis.

Airfield Signage Rehabilitation: Engineering design and construction support services for the rehabilitation of all airfield signage on the airport.

Rehabilitate Airfield Shoulders: Engineering design and construction support services for crack seal and surface treatment to rehabilitate and rejuvenate all the asphalt shoulder pavements at AFW.

Taxiway P Extension: Engineering design for a 2,100’ extension of Taxiway P to provide access to West Side development. Multiple bid schedules and sequencing alternatives were developed and evaluated to maximize potential funding opportunities.

RIM Hot Spot Mitigation: Provided fast-track design services to take advantage of TxDOT Routine Airport Maintenance Program (RAMP) funding to add a “No Taxi” island to prevent direct access from the parking apron to Runway 16L-34R.

14 CFR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update: Provided project management and coordination for a Noise Exposure Map (NEM) update to determine whether updated NEMs resulting from changes in operational characteristics at AFW require updates to the approved Noise Control Plan (NCP).

Services Provided:

  • Airfield Pavement Engineering (new and rehabilitation)

  • Airfield Lighting and Signage Engineering (new and rehabilitation)

  • Airfield Geometric Design

Project Highlights


Fort Worth Alliance Airport


Fort Worth, Texas



2,100 LF x 75’ Taxiway

6,000 LF Concrete Encased

Duct Bank

582 Taxiway Lights

40,569 LF Lighting Cable

260,000 SY Asphalt Rehabilitation

20,000 LF Crack Repair

28,000 SF Green “No Taxi” Island

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