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Magnolia Press Coffee Shop

Our team was hired by Magnolia, a home and lifestyle brand founded by Chip and Joanna Gaines, to work closely with their team of designers and John Erwin Construction to create a cohesive design and construction package for this project. Phase 1's coffee shop opened in fall of 2019. Phase 2 design is complete and will include the interior finish of the metal building space for use as retail.


The project took a 5,000 SF masonry building and an attached 12,000 SF metal building at the corner of 8th and Webster and turned it into a coffee shop for Magnolia. Phase 1 of the project created a vintage-feel coffee café and an exterior facelift for the existing buildings and related site & infrastructure.


The exterior of the metal building structure is wrapped in a new masonry veneer. The large vehicular doors were replaced with storefront windows and canopies. A large portion of the existing load-bearing masonry wall facing Webster Avenue was removed to provide a new building entrance with large storefront glass windows and canopies. The interior was reworked for a barista counter, a bakery kitchen, café seating, retail space, and restrooms. Both buildings have completely new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.


Our team provided modifications to the infrastructure and site work all within the City of Waco Right-of-Way to provide an expanded walkway, accessibility for an elevated new building entrance, and a design change to on-street parking in front of the building.

Services Provided:

  • Architecture

  • Survey

  • Site Design and Utilities

Project Highlights




Waco, Texas


We've been pleased with the quality of work from [your team], and surprised that this could be found in our own backyard in Waco!

- Magnolia Staff



5,000 SF

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