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Vista Ridge Supply Program

Our team provided development phase and engineering services for the Vista Ridge Regional Supply Pipeline (VRRSP). The VRRSP consists of a well field, several miles of well collection line, over 140 miles of large diameter transmission main, multiple pump stations, water treatment facilities, and customer delivery station. Work includes the development of program design standards, specifications and details, route study, preparation of easement documents, pipeline design, coordination and incorporation of hydraulic and surge protection recommendations, constructability review, and construction phase services.

Facilities constructed as part of this project include a high service pump station, two intermediate pump stations, a customer delivery facility, a water treatment plant, a cooling tower, 9 well facilities containing 2 wells each, a 10 million gallon ground storage tank located at the customer delivery facility and 4 million gallon ground storage tanks at each pump station. Pump stations are equipped with three operating pumps and one redundant sized between 1,600 hp and 2,500 hp at a flow rate of 12,031 gpm for a total flow rate of 36,093 gpm. A steady-state hydraulic model was developed to determine system head curves, pump selection, operating pressures throughout the pipeline, pipe diameter and material selection. A surge evaluation was also performed to determine the number, size, and location of surge protection devices required to protect the system.

Services Provided:

  • Pipeline Design

  • Pump Station Design

  • Hydraulics

Project Highlights


Central Texas Regional Water

Supply Corporation


Central Texas



140 Miles

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